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jueves, febrero 28, 2008

EEUU. Alcalde de la playa nudista / USA. Mayor of the Nude Beach

Larry Fleschman recuerda su vida antes de Miami como dura y suburbana. Siempre tuvo el deseo de vivir desnudo. Ahora, con 78 años de edad, Larry es conocido como el alcalde de la playa. Vive desnudo, cubierto sólo por su sombrero de paja, y lucha por el derecho de los naturistas frente al acoso de la policía. / Miami New Times reports: Larry Fleischman recalls his pre-Miami life as hard and suburban. He lived in New Jersey with his wife and three kids. He loaded trucks in the evening, worked at a flea market on the weekends. But something irked him. "I always wanted to be nude," he says. But on a recent Tuesday, as the nation went sick and crazy with primary fever, Fleischman roved Miami-Dade County's clothing-optional beach like a king rooster. The 78-year-old strutted across the sand, clad only in a woven palm hat stuffed with feathers and strung with Mardi Gras beads. Some people here call him "Mayor." Fleischman had nothing to do all day but hold the beach. "When police started harassing us, we got a [legal] opinion," he recalls. "We printed up a bunch of copies." He also handed out propaganda and did his best to enlist members, recalls then-president of Florida Free Beaches, Shirley Mason. She decided to give Fleischman an unofficial title — one that's used at nude beaches in Los Angeles, Nova Scotia, and Wisconsin. "He was a real big help," she says. "So we made him mayor."

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